How to reach TL2

Iam reading every post and likeing how come i am not TLS? 😢

Hey Mohamed!

Sorry to hear you aren’t where you want to be for the trust levels. Please read the following posts to help understand just how the TL system works! The system is regulated by both the robotic community and our awesome moderators. By reading below, you should have a better understanding of how the entire system works. If you have any more questions just ask!


That’s definitely not the right way to reach trust level 2. You must earn it. It’s not about liking and just replying to other posts. It’s about your contributions to the Infinite Flight Community. As Misha says, do something that will make them promote you! Good luck mate!


Hello Captain! Hope you are doing well. It’s takes time to build your trust level! No worries bro, you will get there soon! Just remain patient, make daily post (depending on category), read and react, receive like on your post, and so on! You got this! Don’t give up 🛫


Hello Cap, as everyone said just contribute and bring positivity to the forum and you’ll get promoted in no time


Don’t worry about that. You will reach it one day if you continue to be active :)


Like just listen to what everyone said And you will be there soon, just keep being active and enjoying yourself here on the IFC and it will just come out of no where.

But until then just do what you enjoy and what you can!


I believe point has been taken. Let’s wait for the OP to reply with additional questions instead of replicating the same answer with different words.

@Mohamed_Assusi - Let us know if there’s anything else you would like us to help you with! 😊

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it takes time to i was here for 3-4 months for me to become tl2


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