How to reach Grade 2 quickly?

hey guys can you please help me grade faster and complete 30 landings in less than a month?
thanks i would appreciate your help

Go to KEDW in a X cub, I was able to get about 20 landings or so in 15 minutes

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i tried everything and it seems not to work

@Jose_Alejand_Medrano Spawn at any airport NOT in a solo server and do a bunch of patterns - touch and goes. Meaning takeoff remain in the pattern land and keep doing that however you have to land on the runway and make sure the wheels fully touch and I believe there needs to be 30 seconds between you touching the runway again.
Check out this video preformed by the wonderful TJ Shelton

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thanks ill try

Yes try that and check out the video if you need , and if you still need help come back on the community and someone will be more than happy to help ;)

Or feel free to pm me

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fly fly fly fly fly

land land land land land

hours hours hours hours hours

Long Flight Long Flight Long Flight Long Flight Long Flight

Boom you are now a grade 2 and maybe a grade 3. This is what I did to level up fast. You can also just enjoy the experience!


hello i tried to land the cesna 172 a dosen time and didnt level up my landings

For it to count as a landing you can only land every 30 seconds.

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still it didnt count

I would recommend flying patterns at KMCO. Hopping from runway to runway with 30 seconds in between. I’d recommend the CCX.

Maybe this will help you.

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i hope it will work!

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Also, I think you know this but in case you don’t it must be on a live server so no solo mode.

Just keep flying those shorter patterns at smaller airports and be sure to be present doing it. It’ll happen before you know it. I wish you all the best!

It needs to be in a live server

Go to OMAA with a TBM and you’ll be grade 2 in no time.

That was edited. It says not in solo servers.

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