How to put VA name in from of IF display name?

Dear support team!

For a while now, I have been trying to put IFAE in front of my Infinite Flight display name, and I also set it on IFC as the Virtual Organisation however, it still doesn’t show up in those brackets in IF as I saw by other fellow IFAE members. Can someone help me this?

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Ábel Kocsis

Hello mate,

Have you tried setting it as your virtual organisation on the IFC and then unlinking and relinking your IFC account.

That usually works!

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I think you forgot to save changes because on your profile I’m not seeing your VA, so you have to set it in preferences on your profile , then if that doesn’t work , as declan said try unlinking your account and linking it again.

I hope this helps have a great day!!

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Thank you for the responses! I will try that and see if that works. :)

Now I saved the changes and unlinked and linked the profile again but it still doesn’t show up… Or is it only visible while I’m in a flight?

Yeah, you can see it from the replays after you complete your flight. The [box with VA name] is visible only for others when flying online.

I just checked and it’s still not there 😕

Ahh okay I understand thanks :)

Maybe give it some time to update… restart the app. Check once more your account is linked and VA is selected here in IFC profile.

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