How to put this name?

  • I was doing an escort flight and decided to look at my radar, I found an unknown fighter coming on the same route as me, and further back I see an MD-11F also coming on the same route, but it had something that caught my attention, on top of the his aircraft, there was the name “I Will Intercepted You” and I found it very interesting, because I had never seen that on the IF. So, as I love doing interceptions and escorts, I would like to know how to put this name on my aircraft too! I don’t know if this could go under the support category, but I think it does, because I want help!

As you can see in the image, the user named “I Will Intercepted You!”

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Hello, this was a feature that was included in infinite flight years ago. Before the preset call signs, you were actually able to choose your own but was removed due to some technical issues. Some of the OG users have managed to keep theirs from before. Unfortunately, there is no way to get callsigns like that anymore so this user was likely around at the time to have had it and just kept it ever since.


For example… Dan’s callsign is AV-DAN which is a custom one that he created back I. The earlier days of IF and has kept ever since.

Oh, thanks.

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