How to put in Airways into IF flight plan

Hello, can anyone explain how to put airways into IF, when I put them in the search box It only gives me the first waypoint of it, so is there any way to find the second one without typing it in and scrolling trough the airports listed to find the VOR?


Do you mean that you added a waypoint and now you want to add another one?
In that case you could from the map simply press on the next waypoint you want add and then there will be a plus sign which if you press on that you’ll add that waypoint.

Same goes for Airways… or you could use Simbrief to make a flight plan for you where airways will most likely be included.

I mean airways. I type them in (Example: UN603) and It only brings me to the first part of the airway and not the ending.

I understand the issue, i tried to type in your example and i get "AKIVO -> BILLY, but not SUM…
Well i don’t know if there is another way to find it other than scrolling through the list of airports… but i do understand your issue here.

Since i plan all of my flights through Simbrief where it takes care of my flight plan, i don’t have to worry about adding Airways by myself since Simbrief does it for me…

Currently IF does not support airway names as part of your plan. VORs and Waypoints are.

Some waypoints from SimBrief are not in the tool so you will have to convert them to GPS using a tool like (not trying to advertise the site, but since it applies in this situation)


Hopefully soon they’ll add that feature but in the meantime you have to add every fix or it’s GPS equivalent.

Infinite Flight USED to show airways in there map. Will they bring that feature back soon?

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