How to Push Back in a C-130

Hello, IFC,

I have seen people struggle with pushing back in the C-130 family.
Even though there is no PushBack button, it is very simple.

You just have to disactivate brakes and do the same thing as reverse thrust (pulling throttle to -100%) and voilá, you should be pushing back.

Note: if you are flying too fast in the C-130, you can also reverse thrust in mid-air!

Thank You!

I hope this helped!


You can use reverse thrust on the ground?

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Only in the C-130 family!

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Hmm… didn’t know that.
Now I feel like a amateur.
Whatever! Good to know! Thanks

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That’s why I made a tutorial!

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Thanks for this! This is probably because of me lol 😂


Of course not 😉

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C130s don’t park at gates so typically there would be no need to pushback ever.

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