How to purchase a yearly subscription

Hello. I was wondering how to buy the yearly subscription for infinite flight live!! Please help me out thank you

Open the app, enter the main menu, tap the live key, tap renew/buy subscription, follow the prompts and when asked choose to buy the yearly live, complete the purchase and enjoy a year of online and access to all aircraft and regions in the best mobile airplane sim! :)


Click the live tab in the IF app, make an account and choose Live+ subscription

Thanks man!!

Anytime, happy to help :)

It is preferred that you subscribe thorough the account page here:

I need help with this please

If you read previous answers you have all your help there, how hard can it be?

i can’t see it

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I hope you’re massage was good 😊

Tell me, when have you bought your subscription? Which device? Apple ? Android ?

And I’ll return back to you ;-)