How to properly turn with the 777

I’ve noticed the 777 is kinda difficult to turn and even gets “stuck” sometimes. This happened as I was backtaxiing the runway at Kathmandu and was turning around on the turning pad. I just lost all speed and couldn’t turn anymore. The problem is that I also couldn’t go straight to accumulate speed because the turn-pad wasn’t large enough. I had to use like 40% throttle to be able to get the plane moving again.

So yeah what tips can you guys give me so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again?


I found that you have to keep the power really high when doing shart turns.

You’ll have to use a lot of thrust to turn 777s around, especially when they are heavy. That’s pretty normal. Maybe try maintaining a decent GS when starting the turn and try not to turn too sharply as permitted by how big the turnaround pad is.

Using coordinated braking by pulling down on the rudder will also help to make your turns tighter. Just like a car, when you brake when you turn, it helps the turn to be tighter since the total velocity is decreasing allowing more control to make those tight turns. I’d try using this method especially on heavies when it is tough to navigate with limited space.

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I’m pretty sure this is from the main gear steering mechanism which was introduced with the B772ER. Pump up the thrust, and you should be fine

The problem is that if I’m slower I will lose speed during the turn and then I’ll reach a point where I don’t have anymore speed at all and I’m stuck.

Then you try and straighten out as much as you can and carefully generate more power to make the turn.

I can’t though because the turn pad wasn’t large enough. I suggest you try it so you can properly understand what I mean.

That’s why I said you have to carefully try and get a tad more speed. If you use enough throttle you’ll make the turn. It may not be ideal to use an excess amount of power but you have to do what’s needed to make the turn.

I was able to do it but with 40% throttle. I’m not sure they would use as much IRL though

Try to never stagnate the main gear. If you try to turn too sharply the front will swing around but the mains will just sit there and rotate on themselves and boom your speed is gone. Try to keep the main gear moving by doing a less aggressive turn.

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In cases like that, they may approach the pad from the opposite end of the runway and come in at an angle to generate as much power possible to make the turn. Going to attempt this now with this method.

Ok go to Kathmandu in the B772 because this is what I used.

I did this easily while using a mix of power and braking at the same time. I came to the pad from the other side of the runway so I did not follow the centerline to enter the pad. From there I followed the yellow line perfectly. It is tricky I agree with you but it is possible. :)

Can you explain what you mean by this?

So instead of following the yellow line that leads to the entrance of the pad I came from the other side of the runway. So I came from the other side of the runway centerline. I came from the opposite direction of where the pad was in regards to the runway instead of staying on the centerline and entering the pad.

Tbh I don’t see how that helps.

The red line is where I got stuck. It when you’re doing the huge turn to align with the runway

I’d just like to point out that we had a real 777 pilot helping to beta test the aircraft during development, and he also provided lots of information and data for it, and there weren’t any issues with the ground handling. Any aircraft will loose momentum if you turn too tightly too quickly, you just need to avoid that point.


I’m sure he mentioned differential thrust because they constantly use it, even on narrow body such as the A320.

If one day we get the possibility of having access to differential thrust it will help in many situations

How I’ve learned to do it (without going TOGO to do a 90 degree turn lol) is keep that baby around 15 to start a 90 degree turn and keep the thrust at about 10% through the turn until your straightened out. Then mitigate as you wish