How to properly tune out of a frequency

Wow, I honestly can’t believe this requires a tutorial, but some people have…simpler minds, to say the least. Thank you!


Yeah sometimes when it’s busy and you are controlling only 50% will actually change freq, definitely needed.


I remember you were at TFFR this morning when I took off. The only reason I stayed on frequency for a couple extra minutes was because I was unsure if I had enough fuel and didn’t know if I would have to return to the airport. But yes I agree, it’s super annoying when people don’t tune out, which is why I always do :)

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If they don’t tune out of the frequency, you as an ATC controller can slide left on a strip to take that strip away. It will turn the corresponding plane white on your radar screen. If you need to send a message to them, then tap on that white plane and the strip will reappear on your screen.

Not everyone will see this tutorial as many Infinite Flight users don’t have IFC.

Sliding to the left on a strip will help de clutter your planes that are on your radar.

Please note that planes that are white are still able to actually tune out themselves. Once they actually do the steps in the tutorial you posted, you can no longer send them messages until you send an on guard warning.

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That’s what I was talking about. Even though you swipe left on the strip, it still shows the planes information above it. The only reason it shows the planes information on the last screenshot is because I tapped on it.

that’s why I included the last part of the post.

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It still shows the information on the plane on the radar, but it will declutter your line of strips, especially if you ar controlling a busy area. I guess as long as the plane flies away from your radar, it won’t bother you anymore.

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I hate when I instruct a frequency change and swipe away their flight strip just to tune back into my frequency,

like I swiped you away for a reason.

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I always assumed that “frequency change approved” means I don’t need you listen anymore, so feel free to tune out when you feel like it
I didn’t know it means get off my frequency already

I had no idea it’s annoying for ATCs…
Will comply.



I see your point, but especially at busy airports it can get annoying. The point of this isn’t to say like “you’re annoying get off the frequency”, it’s more to help :) @royfr83

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Yeah no, it’s extremely annoying. I don’t even bother swiping when I’m busy. It would take up too much of my time, especially when I have lag. Also, in the past I’ve had problems with recontacting aircraft that I swipe so I’ve made it a habit to not swipe after frequency change. Awesome tutorial @RTG113!

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Pretty simple. Doesn’t require alot of work. People are just lazy to tune out.

You can swipe them away, yes. But in busy airspace the last thing I want to do is search through 43 flight strips for “American 2 6 3”. Especially when “American 26” and “American 3 29” are also on frequency. It takes valuable time.


Well when they acknowledge frequency approved, their strip moves to the top of the screen and you can just simply swipe left to turn the plane white.

@BigBert10 that usually is not the case. In a busy airspace they can easily get shuffled down the queue. Just change frequency to make the controllers’ job easier. That’s what your supposed to do anyway.

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Yeah, I know you can change frequencies to make life easier for the controllers. I do that as well. Once I am approved for a frequency change, I just tune out of the frequency.

But there are pilots who do not do that, so it’s up to the controller to solve the problem for himself/herself.

For the controller that still complains about this. Here you go! :)

Flaps 1 at 240 knots in the A320 family, above Vfe. That’s unfortunate.

I know how to do that. I included in the thread that swiping a flight strip away takes time away from dealing with other aircraft at busy airports. We have to scroll through sometimes a dozen+ flight strips, find the ones that shouldn’t be there, and swipe away those. All while other aircraft are calling in.

The point of this thread is to teach how to properly tune out of a frequency, wether it positively or negatively effects the controller.

Rocco! How dare you climb 4,500 fpm! Just kidding. Much needed tutorial it’s crazy how many people do not tune out.

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