How to properly recalibrate?

If anyone can give me advice on how to recalibrate I’d appreciate it. Several times I’ve had my aircraft dive down immediately after turning off the A/P and having recalibrated prior to turning it off several times for assurance’s sake… I am tired of having flown 10+ hours and losing my flight due to calibration failures. Will not be playing IF until I sort this, it’s truly enraging.

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Are you using Trim ?

Basically before turning off the A/P, just recalibrate and then it’s safe enough to turn the A/P off. The mistake was that you did not calibrate before turning off the autopilot.

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You can recalibrate your device by tapping the hamburger icon and tap ‘calibrate’ in one of the corners.

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Calibrate your device in a neutral, upright position that you will be holding your device in. This should be like the benchmark orientation so that it is comfortable to move up and down and the device knows how steeply you are trying to climb or descend. All movements are read relative to this central position.

Your issue isn’t that you aren’t calibrating the device properly. The issue is that you are not trimming the aircraft after calibration to off set your current attitude. Steps for calibration for A/P disengagement.

  1. Hold device in a comfortable position
  2. Click the hamburger icon and calibrate
  3. Trim off any purple indication in the trim box
  4. Disengage autopilot for a seamless disengagement.

No, I’ve been using all my other controls surfaces though to regulate speed, descent rate, etc.

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