How to properly HOLD SHORT of a runway

No different than a stop line on a car roadway- you Can stop on/over the line and avoid catastrophe, but the law says that you can expect a citation if you do so.

Thanks for this! I always thought it was your nose wheel that couldn’t be over! Will deffinatly be using this! Keep these coming Mark!

Great information. I think I will have a beer now 🍺

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Just go on the free flight sever most of then probe don’t know how to use the takeoff and taxi announcements

Thanks Mark! :) A lot of PG noobs need this lol

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Great tutorial! Just out of curiosity, how come @Emil_Broe topic was closed? His was nearly identical. Just curious 🙂


I go to roughly where the line disappears from cockpit view. Maybe a wee bit further/less depending on aircraft.

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It’s amazing that people don’t learn this. I know many aren’t on the forum, but I’ve seen many familiar names doing this wrong. Posting this isn’t going too far at all.

But, when exiting the runway, do not hold short of the line! Cross the line entirely and wait for instructions on the taxiway.


Correct. Thats why when exiting the runway, its a dashed line on the runway side whereas its a solid line on the taxiway side.


Mark you have just gone to far with this what’s next expecting people to know what remaining in the pattern is. I’m appalled. (Sarcasm for those that didn’t get that) I was actually taught to keep some distance in case you need to turn around for whatever reason.


Here is an example of a runway incursion, shown in the Ground Control Tutorial for IFATC.


@Ben_ny @gamingpilot Won’t be so minuscule when you get reported for causing runway incursions

I was controlling Tower KNUC PG, and this guy was about fifty feet past the hold short line. I told him to back taxi to the runway he wasn’t properly holding short of. This sure is needed in case those PG idiots decide to join forums.

This has nothing to do with self promotion, Lachy. I’m not sure what got his thread closed and would be happy to find out, but as FDS employees, Mark and I have no “self promoting” to do. We are simply here to provide accurate information. If anything about Emil’s post was incorrect, there is a good chance that is why it was closed or whatever the case was.

Again, we are all about community collaboration but we will continue to post helpful aids and tutorials. If someone posts incorrect info, they’ll be asked to edit, otherwise we are moving in the wrong direction. Thanks!


Ok, that’s makes sense to me 👍

I would like to echo what Tyler stated. I am not sure how Emil’s post was removed and honestly, I didn’t even know that there was a post by Emil regarding a similar topic and I certainly did not close that topic. Also, there are never any efforts for “self-promotion” by Tyler or myself. When we post anything that is FDS related, we are posting as FDS employees to provide accurate and helpful tips, tutorials, etc.

Our efforts are simply to educate the community on proper procedures and policies that are in place to provide the best and safest experience on Infinite Flight for all members. Thanks.


Here is the post.

And also, you don’t need self promotion anyway, as you have an announcement coming up “soon”.


It’s been sorted. 👍

I studied this in Grade 1 in Infinite Flight Academy, now I study it everyday now, and what I see that most of the people fail in this… Old tutorial but nice…

What happened…?