How to properly HOLD SHORT of a runway

Happy Monday!

Over the past several days, I have noticed that when pilots are holding short, some are not holding short properly and are actually causing a runway incursion by crossing the hold short line. This can also cause a collision with another aircraft.

Below, you can see in the image the CORRECT way to hold short which is BEHIND the line as well as the WRONG way. The only time any part of the aircraft should be over the line is if you are taxiing on to the runway.

Lets all work together to help make Infinite Flight a fun but SAFE environment for everyone!

Happy and SAFE landings!

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thanks @Mark_Denton this was needed :)


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Yeah Jack, I’ve been seeing it a lot lately.


Thanks Skywalker


So it can’t be like on top of the line?

I stopped reading this post exactly here.


and after landing, your complete aircraft length MUST be past the hold short line!

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No @Belfast_spotter, that is an incursion. You should be BEHIND the line as you see in the attached image. The Hold Short line is there to keep aircraft a safe distance from aircraft on the runway whether they are taking off or landing. Just make sure the nose of the plane is behind it and all will be fine. Its a simple concept.


Correct, I will be covering that also.


Thank You Mark!!

Thank you Mark, can’t wait for more tutorials & your big announcement.

Check out the Tutorial Category. I posted it there, on FB, and on the Infinite Flight Academy YouTube page.

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My apologies. I checked the tutorials category but after seeing no ‘new’ threads I thought it wasn’t up yet.

It’s Monday.

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@Ben_ny yes, I think we are taking matters too far this time

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Well remember this is a sim and we’re trying to keep it as realistic as possible :)

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I’m curious, how is educating people on proper procedures taking it too far? My job as the Pilot Community Manager is to educate and provide information relative to flying. If someon doesn’t wish to follow proper procedures while flying, they are more than welcome to fly on the Free Flight server or in Solo mode. However, if flying on the Playground or Advanced servers, proper procedures need to be followed. Be respectful and courteous when flying with other paying Live members.


Thank you for the information, Mark :)