How to Properly Grease a Landing

How to Properly Grease a Landing

I know i have this issue, until I figured out some tips and tricks on how to properly butter a landing. I’m talking about -100 VS and less.

The basics:

So, to properly start a buttery landing, you need a to have a good approach with a course that allows you to be able to prepare for landing. Also at the dot make sure your landing gear is down.

InkedScreen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.02.10 PM_LI

Once you are about to the dot above ^^^^^ your approach speed will be different depending on the type of aircraft you are in. Check this topic for those different speeds:

you should maintain your speed till about 1-2 nm out from touch down. Once you reach that 1-2 nm zone, start lowering your speed to your touch down speed. That once again differs between aircraft. Check the post above for the touchdown speeds.


Now that you have completed the steps above, you are on the thresh hold of touching down. To properly butter a landing you need to make sure that your aircraft is maintaining a stable decent. Stable decent meaning that your aircraft isnt too low, or too high:

These lights near the “Touchdown zone” on the runway will help you with your landing.

runway image

Do you see those 4 red lights next to the runway, here are what the different colors mean:

4 white: you are too high for a landing
3 white 1 red: Still a bit too high
2 white 2 red: Perfect decent path for a buttery landing
1 white 3 red: A bit to low
4 red: way to low

Now, those are for real world runways. Infinite flight has this feature, but it is a bit more simple, because it only has 2 lights not 4:

2 white: too high
1 white 1 red: Perfect
2 red: too low

You can use this in-game feature to help you descend into the runway. While descending make sure you have 1 red and 1 white so you can perfectly guide yourself into the touchdown zone. The touchdown zone is these 2 giant white boxes on the runway that symbolize where you should touchdown:


Those 2 giant white boxes near the 28 are on both sides of the runway, that is where a touchdown will be ideal for an approaching aircraft.

Inside the flight deck you should also head the 100, 50 , 40, 30, 20 , 10, you want to make sure that the automated voice isn’t counting down too fast. That could mean a potential smash. You want to hear it counting down slowly and steadily.

Finial seconds:

Now that you know where to touchdown and how to get there, now i will explain what to do in those finial moments. So, you have made it past the runway thresh hold and you are about 20 feet from landing, you will need to cut the throttles. Basically meaning that there is no thrust coming out of the engines. Once you cut the throttles slightly tilt up bringing the nose of that aircraft high enough so that the back main gear touch first allowing for a smooth landing, but low enough that you dont gain a bit of altitude and have to go around. Once you pitch the nose up, your aircraft will hopefully float for a few seconds before ever so slightly touching down with all the passengers satisfied.

After touchdown:

After you touchdown, slowly bring the nose of the aircraft down. Make sure you do this slowly and carefully so that you don’t bounce or potentially “damage” the aircraft. Once the nose was softly brought down, start the reverse thrusters and listen to the passengers clap for your soft smoot landing.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have learned something from it.

Enjoy your buttery landings

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Listening to the GPWS call outs is also very helpful, you might want to include this. The call outs before touching down should not be counted down rapidly; “ 50, 40, 30, 20. 10” OUCH. Instead you should listen closely; “50… 40… 30… 20… 10… …” Smooooth touchdown.

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aim for the touch down zone and at 30 feet raise the fpv to the last line in the touchdown zone

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