How to properly capture ILS

I was going to land at KPHL but I don’t know how to capture ILS. I thought I did but for some reason it was not lined up with the runway. Side question, how do you Autoland?

I can normally but today at SBRJ the ILS didn’t work for me did anyone else have this problem? Is it just a LOC frequency? Thanks

Just gonna drop this here in case you haven’t checked this out yet.

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Hey there!

May I ask you if the runway you were landing at had a grey or red cone? If it was grey, it would either be GPS, Visual or LOC (localiser), but if it was Red, that would be ILS. If your runway was ILS, you must click on KPHL on your map, and then go to runways, and click on Nav 1 for that runway if it has ILS. Then you would leave map, and click on ‘NAV’ on the right of your screen, press and hold GPS, and switch it to NAV 1. Afterwards once you are soon to be aligned on the Localiser, engage NAV mode and it will automatically line up with the runway. Once you have reached the glideslope for landing and you’re fully correct with the alignment of your final approach, engage APPR or just hand fly it and follow the glideslope and localiser. Hope this helped, have a great day! ;)

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Hey! First-of-all, you must ensure that the requested runway is equipped for ILS. In Infinite Flight, it is shown by a red cone.
Then, you must select your requested runway, by clicking on the airport on your map, go on runways, and select your wished one as NAV 1.

Now, on your deck, you need to select NAV 1 instead of GPS in “NAV”.
Then, you must wait to be lower than your glide slope (the arrow must flash at the top of th glide slope indicator), and you must head less than 30° of the runway heading (If the runway heading is 100° - you must head between 70 and 130°)

Then, you can select “Appr” as you A/P navigation!

how do you know if your heading is 30 degrees or less of runway heading? how do you even find the runway heading?

and yes I understand it better now. Thanks

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it was red. It was at KPHL

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The runway number is the approximate runway heading.

For example: Runway 30 is close to 300 degrees, Runway 23 is close to 230 degrees, Runway 07 is close to 070 degrees, etc. Just 30 degrees in either direction from that should do the trick, although there are some airports with numbers that don’t math up as well as most others.


No worries! Glad I could help, mate ;)


And if you want the precise heading of a runway, you can click on map, then on the airport. Now click on runways and you’ll see the list of each runways with their heading, and if they are ILS equipped or not


I tried to do it again today and it still does not work. I don’t know why but when I set Nav 1 it does not align me with the runway properly. It’s to the side.

Before you do appr. You have to wait for the line to start going to the center, aka establishing the localizer. Your G/S will happen naturally after you hit Appr but don’t hit it until you establish the localizer.
Also have you set your NAV1 to the ILS frequency before you enabled it?
PM me a recording of you doing it so I can try to help 😊

I just tried it and it worked. But, I manually landed in one of the crj’s. In order to do a full autoland, is it the same process as this. And also, do all planes have the autoland feature?

side question: What do you mean by setting nav1 to the ILS frequency? What is the ILS frequency?
sorry for all the questions.

Appr mode will fully auto land your plane unless you disable it. Keep it on and you will auto land. Also, not every plane has this feature

I tried landing the 737 at KORH on runway 29 and I set Nav 1 and I did everything but the plane was not aligned again. It was slightly to the left of the runway. So I had to disconnect the A/P and land manually at the last second

Pm me. I’m controlling now but I’ll help you in a few

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