How to properly calculate fuel

What’s the best way to calculate how much fuel you need for a flight? I seem to always either have too much fuel, or cutting it very close towards the end of the flight. There has also been a situation where I had to divert due to not having enough fuel – so, how do I figure out how much I need?


When adding fuel it should show roughly how long the fuel will last. Add 2-3 hours to your estimated flight time, and go with that! If you are flying with a full load then add 3-4 extra hours of fuel.

But you could always google fuel calculator websites like the one @Matt737 posted below.


I would recommend for all your fuel planning needs. (I could be an advertiser for them) 😂


Fuel planner is horrible in my opinion.

I stick to, it is way more accurate and takes tons of other factors in.


Yes that is true, fuel planner is for quick and easy fuel calculations, while I personally use SimBrief, FuelPlanner is a somewhat good alternative.

I also use as this produces a flight plan and load sheet as well.

Checked out Simbrief. Seems very good – I have questions about flight planning though with IF, which stem from poking around in Simbrief.

  1. Can you import an FPL into Infinite Flight at the moment? If so, which file type?

  2. Some of the fixes weren’t found in Infinite Flight, is that an issue just on my end or does IF not have all the fixes in?

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Watch this video by a fellow member of the IFC @MarcelloM

Unfortunately that is an issue on Infinite Flight, it doesn’t have all the waypoints.


Like they said all the fixes aren’t there but you can turn on fixes and other naviads on top of the route map in SimBrief so you can possibly find a nearby fix or vor.

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Simbrief vs. Online Flight Planner seems like Boeing vs. Airbus lol


For a rough estimate I take my Distance in NM and divide by Ground speed
Ex 650nm÷420gs= 1.5
This means your flight is approx 1hr and 30 min.
So load enough fuel for at least 3hrs just in case.
Of course you can always use one of those flight sim calculators if you want a precise estimate.


I use Sim brief, for the most part I use it for all my waypoints and all that but if I don’t I still input the route to get the fuel load from simbrief so even if you don’t use the other functions, it’s brilliant for calculating fuel loads :)

Thanks for that video! I didn’t know you could just copy paste from Simbrief and make a few changes. Will do that from now on. :)

I hope IF gets the fixes updated and get all of them in, very crucial to have that for proper global flying. :)

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