How to promote my upcoming event?

Have an event upcoming (shameless plug: 23APR22 / 2000Z - Paradise Flyout @ KSRQ [12 GATES LEFT]) and as it is my first event, I am really hoping for high attendance and a smooth flyout!

how do you suggest that I

A) increase the number of people who see my event,
B) increase the number of people who sign up, and
C) Get IFATC members interested in controlling for the event?

I think I set up the page pretty well. Thanks for your suggestions!

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Hello, Chase! Honestly, your event looks formatted great and I love the airport choice. You’ve pretty much done all that you can do to promote it, and if I’m free maybe I’ll control this. You could ask your friends about their thoughts. Great event!

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That’s awesome to hear! as the event’s date approaches, I will reach back out to you to see if you are available. thank you for the kind words!

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Have you tried posting it on the Group Flights channel on the new IF Discord server?

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Your event thread has gotten a little over 90 visits/views from people, I believe that’s pretty good, and I think you’ve done all you can to get it out there. If you got any friends on here, or a general/off topic chat place with other IF members somewhere, you could mention it to them.

@Elliot_003 I did actually think off that - saw lots of people getting told to use correct format so i asked in the thread if I could promote here and they said that I could if I did a group flight during the event (which i’m not) so i figured maybe later i’ll promote in the general channel or another channel if they add a new channel between now and the event. Thanks for the suggestion and hopefully you consider joining my in Sarasota!

I saw someone’s post from a loooong time ago that said pretty much the same thing which inspired me to add part B to my question. I think i’ve done a pretty good job but this is my first event and I figured if there was a place I could ask where I could reach people who have done this before, it would be here! Thanks for the comment and I hope you’ll consider joining me in Sarasota!

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