How to promote my fly- outs?

Bumping your topic is a way, but overall, attendance can’t be forced, and people will choose whether or not they want to come. I wish you luck on all of your future events!


What is bumping a topic?

There’s not really a way to “promote” your flyouts. The best way to get more people coming to your events is to make your event more pleasing to the eye. People are more likely to sign up for a flyout that has pictures, is organized (like having all your gates in a table), colorful, and at locations that are interesting to the community!

This is not answer but advice, listen to the community. Do what the community wants. Choose locations with great scenery. And try to make your fly out as interesting as possible. And remember ask FOR feedback. Good luck!

Cign :)

If there is a large (100+) number of people who have viewed your event but not signed up, then you might want to change your formatting, design, times, and locations.

Bumping your topic is when you reply to it, to have it refreshed to the top of the forum list and then the result would be more people seeing it. I only suggest doing it sparingly and also try to include important information in the replies when you do so.

Would you say KIDA is a good place, in my opinion it has a lot of good scenery, Plus I like doing flyouts at smaller mountain airports.

I edited it this morning.

Well… many people have probably never heard of KIDA. That’s not to say many people won’t sign up, but you have to present the event so that people will be interested. Simply putting a picture of the airport won’t interest many people, but if you put a picture of the mountains and scenery that you think is beautiful, then more people may join.

If you have a public social media presence anywhere, you can put a post up. I did, and although I have no real way of knowing if that did help, it did get very popular after that. Or more than it was.

Okay, I will do that, Do you know how to copy and paste a link on an iPad then? Because I need the source for the pictures.

When you go to the site, there should be a share button your broswer somewhere. Press “copy”. Then, in the IFC, press where you want the link in the text box (or bett yet use the hyperlink button), and press paste.

Thankyou, I will do that!

I don’t have that option, there is no copy button.

The two most important things are organization and originality.

First of all, make your event organized. Make your gates easy to ready and easy to sign up for. An easy sign up process means more signups. This may mean choosing destinations for them.

And secondly, originality. This event was at EGLL, but I tried my best to select destinations that are typically not explored in IF. As a result, I ended up with over 120 signups for the event.

Spend the extra time to make the event and you’ll notice more signups streaming in!

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I had a look through your topic and, there is a lot you can do to promote your event.

  • Provide a picture of the beautiful scenery of Idaho. Find a picture that can attract users of the Infinite Flight Community. This could be from a website (please credit the picture) or from Infinite Flight itself.

  • Edit your topic. Try and experiment with creating tables, centring your text (in headings only), adding a box in titles etc. It makes it easier to read and follow your topic. The topic below will help you in creating a table or how to use the editing tools. You can also add logos and images.

  • If you are creating a table you will be able to make the gate selection much easier. You can list the gate, aircraft, airline, attendant and destination for every column. It’s such a handy tool, trust me.

  • Be sure to date your event due in two weeks or any later.

  • At a final escort, you can also kindly message any staff from a VA, to try and create sponsorship for your event. But first, you must prove that you can lead the event and attract them.

I really like the idea, and the location. But there is nothing to be attracted from except from the start paragraph. The “colour” is missing, really. Add pictures and logos (make sure not to overuse any logos). You can also think of an interesting title too.

Here is an example of one of my successful events done yet. I hope this helps. This is one of my old topics. I dug deep to find one.

thankyou for the help.

Step 1: Make LAX flyout

There are no other steps.

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Hahaha lol.

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