How to program brakes to the CH Eclipse yoke.

Hello everyone so today I have a question about my Yoke I recently got it says it has 144 programmable functions but I can’t figure out how to do that can I do this for IF or not If so how?

Settings -> controls -> commands.

You should be able to program them there.


Thanks a lot!

And now I am having some issues where it won’t let me restore defaults.

You have to click each command and click reset.

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This is what happens when I try that. It just flickers off and doesn’t let me change it. @Hamza.N

Have you tried alternate?

No it won’t let me click it just flashes for a second and disappears.

Hmm must be a bug.

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@schyllberg anything you could do to help?

I have zero clue. Restore defaults on the main page for the control settings maybe? I don’t do joysticks very well I’m afraid.

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Did that already thanks though

are you able to upload like a screen recording showing what happens?

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It says that the file is unauthorized.

Upload to youtube.

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Here. @Hamza.N

Unplug the yoke and try without it to see if the issue persists.

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I did that once but will try again.

You are using Live Flight connect, yes?

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Yes I am.
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