How to proceed when no ATC response

In a number of occasions response from ATC is not received or delayed, i. e. while inbound and you pass the turning point with no response. What is the proper behavior in such a situation? Insist on the request? Divert to another airport? 360 turns or maintain altitude until a response is received?

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Ade you talking about expert or trainer server?

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I’d say both, although this happens more often in training server. The important thing is what a pilot should do in such a situation.

If it’s on training, you should react different than if on expert. If you don’t get a response on expert, most definitely don’t continue inbound. Circle around a bit and then divert if needed.


If I’m on training when that happens, I usually just continue inbound if it’s tower, but if it’s approach I resume navigation on my own FPL. If it’s expert, I usually just circle around and wait for either the frequency to turn off or the controller respond.

I often have this problem!! Thanks for clearing up

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Circling and eventually divert makes all sense. Thank you!


A lot of times when this happens on Expert, it is (obviously) not because we do not want to talk to you, or that we hate you. Most often it is because there is a glitch that allows us to see your plane on our frequency, but it is white and we cannot respond in any way. I would probably try switching off the frequency and back on if they controlled continuously “ignores” your calls.

On Training on the other hand, it is probably because you know… it’s Training.


Like @Cessna_Driver said, sometimes we can’t respond. If you have a flight plan filed, and we can see where you are going, we will try out best to allow you to continue. Act as almost if your NORDO, ATC will assume you are doing what you filed. Once you can contact the next facility do so.

If you continue after not being able to reach us and do not fly in a favorable manner with other aircraft in the vincinity we will have to ghost you. This is were using your map and following the flow of traffic come into play immensely.

If you’re ghosted, contact the controller and a mod, it will be explained and the mods will reverse.

Again, we know when we can’t talk to you. So just not talking to us is not away around our control.

Best of luck!


Worked that time

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