How to prevent crash on long hauls

Hello, I couldn’t find any topic that this would fit in.

I am currently doing a long haul YSSY-KJFK on Expert and I reallllyyyy don’t want my app to crash. What are your suggestions to prevent it from crashing mid-flight?

I already resetted my RAM and only IF is running on my iPad Air 2 running 11.4 db3.




Lower your screen brightness, turn off/down the volume, set your graphics settings to minimum, limit frame rate and activate “automatic low power mode”.
Don’t zoom in and out, leave the camera at a good position. I usually use the wing view.


There is really no way to prevent it from happening. Just, try not to change the camera angle, or move around that much.

Other then that, you just have to hope and prey


Your device seems pretty powerful. As long as you have not had crashes before, I would not worry.

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I have the same device. I did a lot of long haul flights, and so far I didn’t have any crashes or problems

Sometimes it freezes but it shouldn’t be a problem

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I only had one but I’ve reinstalled my app because of so many crashes. Haven’t experienced any recently so…

Thank you for your suggestions. I did everything you suggested and I think it’ll last 16 hrs

Just lower your settings on cruise level and you should be fine

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These steps work every time!!

  1. Restart your device, and clear your ram.

  2. Start IF and begin your flight. Once you reach your cruising altitude set your brightness to the lowest setting possible.

  3. Make sure you have low power mode enabled for IF. It meant for long flights. Plug your device in so the battery won’t die.

Hope this helps, I’ve never had a problem doing a long haul flight if I follow these steps.

P.S. I play on an iPad as well but if you use a phone the same steps should be taken.


I alwaaaayss do that idk why it eats my battery (not so bad but it does). Also it’s currently 12:15AM local (Turkey) so I’m going to be landing when I come home after my school!!!

That’s usally how I do long hauls. Land when I get home from school. Or on the weekends when I wake up.
Hopefully those steps help you on your next long haul! 🙂

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Don’t go to Tower camera when over a ocean! I learned the hard way. Also, check your speed constantly before you go to bed to ensure you won’t fall out of the sky😀 (once again, learned the hard way!)


So far so good. It’s 7am local

It’s been flying for 7:10 hrs

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Flight just disappeared from LF. Anybody that can spot it?

I have my fuel calculations and stuff correct and my plane did not fell out of the sky because about 15mins ago I was able to spot it.

Make a digital sacrifice to the god of mobile aviation so he won’t crash the app when you’re on final, 2nm from the threshold - as happened to me last week.


Won’t that cause screen burn-in?

Not with power saver enabled

The tips given above are all great for long haul flights.

I’d like to add that I use the ‘scenic’ camera to prevent from the image being burned into my screen.

Sitrep: Flight came back!

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