How to prevent app from closing

Hey guys so I need an advice on how to avoid app from closing during mid flight it’s been 2 months and every flight my app keeps closing… I lost all my patience and I’m very disappointed…
So I’m currently playing on android seems unfair to me that most of my friends can do long hauls except me… If you have any usefully suggestions for Android please comment down below would be very helpful

Android version: 12
Operating system: ColorOS


Sounds like what you are describing is an app crash. One of the best ways to fix this is to make sure your performance settings are appropriate for your device. Please cross-check your settings to this guide.

Can you also provide us with your device, it helps in solving the issue further.

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Thanks for this… will try but does it also need to change anything on android settings? Not in IF?

Nope, everything should just be in app.

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But is necessary to clear the cache? And force stop the app? And the battery of the app?

And does it need to default settings?

Yep, all necessary, Once again providing your device could help me give you better info

Nope, use the settings that are necessary for your device

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But by the way do you need to turn on airplane mode? Most of the members recommend to me to use airplane mode

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No. Not sure why that would be a thing since it would only disconnect you and cause problems with scenery downloads etc.

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Oh wow hearing from you such a great thing I think they have been messing with me but I’ll do what you say and your team

Maybe you should stick to our email conversation instead of creating a topic per day? ;)


But about the hide status bar interface mode and hide players dot or names does it also need to turn off?

None of that should cause any performance issues. You could try hiding names + squares but the status bar is rather important I’d say.

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Update: Still crashed the game… I followed the procedures but still…

Does it need to use phone manager clean all data Nd optimize? How about the view what kind of view that does not load so much scenery…

Another update: On my 2nd try I reset the settings and starting to calibrate but still did not worked… the app crashed again… I’ll give up this time maybe there’s no way to fix it on the situation of mine…

Another update: On my third try I factory reset the phone and did the same process after 2 hrs of flying the game crashed… it’s pretty common for me now… There is no reason for me to try again… You can now cancel my subscription but thanks for the help tho… I’ll buy a new device for this one next year… My current phone cannot handle this game any longer :>

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