How to Prevent App Crashes during a flight

Ello. Spent 11 and a half hours flying from Amsterdam to Singapore, just for the app the crash right as I was instructed to contact tower. I have an iPad 10.2 (8th Generation) So I can run the game well. Any tips on helping prevent this from happening again?

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Generally, the best way to avoid crashes can be done by frequently restarting your app between flight and ATC sessions, clearing your scenery cache at a relatively frequent interval, and not using any third-party apps in the background.

If you are looking at other, more extreme methods at avoiding crashes, I would suggest that you lower your brightness while at cruise, change your graphics quality to low when you are not at your device, and maintain good air circulation around your device to keep it cool throughout its flight.

While not all steps are necessary, given that you have a relatively up to date iPad, there are others who may be struggling to run Infinite Flight, which is where these unorthodox methods may become useful. I know back when I was still using my iPad Air, I had a physical fan always blowing on the device to try and keep it cool.


Will do. Thank You!

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