How to Prepare for a LongHaul+ Flight (12 steps)

Hello, IFC,

There are a lot of topics on this community on people asking how to prepare for a long haul or people complaining about crashes during these flights.

Here is how to get ready for a long haul+ flight:

1: Make storage on your device if needed
2: Clear Scenery cache (In settings on infinite flight)
3: Choose an aircraft with long range (787 family, 747 family, 777 family, a330, Md11, C175)
4: Dim brightness
5: Mute device
6: Plug device in during entire flight with a GOOD QUALITY CABLE
7: Launch flight
8: Lots of fuel, less passengers and cargo
9: Choose good Flight Plan and Altitude.
10: Set timer so you do not forget your flight
11: Takeoff
12: Live a normal life but checking on the flight from time to time with or look at your device

That’s It!

Have a safe flight!

I hope this helped!

Thank You!



Why not expert?


If people don’t want to risk having violations during their sleep by example, casual is better.

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Not necessary. Sometimes winds are favorable so you don’t always need that much fuel.

I put in more passengers and cargo so my landing weight doesn’t cause any excessive flaps pitch-up.

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I corrected the fuel part but everyone can do what they wish, this is just a basic guideline for people who need help ;)

just no. You won’t get violations on expert unless you’re someone who belongs on casual. And max fuel? the 787 on half a tank can fly 10-11 hours. I don’t agree with some of these so called “Tips” There’s no difference between long hauls and short hauls. Both require proper planning. devices plugged in. And to optimize battery low graphics at cruise.


Again, I made it a bit better, thank you for the help but this is to prevent topics like:

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I mean read the topic… Deercrusher sorta pointed the facts out from what the server data said. However if you get violations because of server issues, or any autopilot related issues staff are more then happy to remove them, as long as they determine it was an issue with the app and not someone messing around. And 95% of VA’s only allow flights in expert so

A few tips:

  1. Wouldn’t suggest using A380 on TS or ES because it can stall out on a turn during cross (this is probably be considered a bug but still)
  2. If you fly the 77W, reach cruise, then disconnect alt and set VS to 0. Otherwise it bobs and could stall
  3. If you are flying towards an ES ATC area, load extra fuel and add an extra waypoint after your destination airport to avoid potentially running out of fuel in ifatc airspace.
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Overall, quite good apart from what was mentioned above as there is no need to put in max fuel and less cargo, just generate it of and you’ll be fine. May I also suggest lowering your graphics settings while you’re away from your device and turn on infinite flights low power mode,not the lower power mode built into you’re device

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How does muting the volume help?

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Won’t wake you up if you’re sleeping? 🤷‍♂️

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For the most part this is a good list but you forgot the MD-11 (the newest long haul ac) and the C750 which I’ve gotten 13 hours out of.

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Use fir flight planing. Use the simbreif category to get accurate fuel, pax, cargo, and step climbs along with a flight plan.

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Some of my tips.

-Check for conditions, make sure it’s set up to your crusing altiude.
-Have an extra hour or two of fuel where possibe just in case conditions turn bad during your cruise
-Tune out of the frequency of the airport that you departed from (if its not obvious), no ATC will need to contact you during your cruise
-Expert is for flyers who know their stuff, if you don’t want violations, try causal.

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