How to prepare a topic: Save it as a Draft!

Hello everyone!

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to create a new topic or thread on the IFC but you didn’t have enough time? Or even worse, you posted it before it was finished?

There is a nice little trick to prevent both of those issues. It gives you the option to start writing a new topic, save it, and continue on it later. There is a draft feature here at Discourse, but unfortunately it is very limited. You can edit a started topic later, but you can’t post or write anything else in the meantime.

There is a solution though:

Send yourself a PM.

  1. Open your messages by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the website. You’ll find a little envelope icon there. Click on that. Then, on the bottom of the box, you’ll find an arrow. Click on it as well.
    image image

  2. Create a new message by clicking on the following icon.

  3. Add yourself in the Add a User box, and call the message Drafts or any other name. Then, write a little text in the Type Here section and click on Message

  4. You’re now in the message that you have just sent yourself. Click on the little bookmark icon, which is marked yellow in the picture below.

  5. As you bookmarked the message, you can easily find whenever you want by opening your bookmarks.

  6. From now on, whenever you want to create a new topic, just send yourself a reply in that message. You can always edit the replies after you sent them. And once the topic is finished, you just copy the whole text out of the message into a new topic. Just open the message, create a new topic, and paste the text in there.

This is how I create and prepare most of my topics. It allows me to start a project days or weeks before I want to post it. And if I accidentally click on send, nothing happens as it is just a PM.

Have a good day, and many happy landings!


I can attest to this! I’ve started just about all of my topics in a PM with myself for the very reasons you’ve stated. 😎


I started the IFAE thread as a draft with Art and the rest of the UM Team in the PM. It’s a very useful trick!

Or just do what I do :)


Thanks Marc anyways.


That’s how I create my event topics and any topic that I expect would be long

I send myself and any collaborators a PM

Ah yes, a better way to do things. Thanks for telling me, @Marc!

Thanks Marc this is very helpful!

🎵 Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River 🎵

Oop, sorry!

The tutorial will be helpful to a lot of users Marc, thanks! I always send myself a PM when creating events!


I should have said this! I do it all the time, but remember if you have things like <div align=center, make sure to copy from the editing menu so you still have the text commands that aren’t shown, when you post again.

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Wow, why did I never think of this? This is awesome!

Thanks! Gonna use this now for something.

Very underrated comment


Good idea! Will use this in future!

I’ve been doing this since about September last year, I use it for every topic, I actually have some topics that I was gonna make back in September in one Message, they never ended up becoming a reality.

I normally just write mine out in a text document on my PC, that way I can always edit it even if I am offline. Then I can just copy and paste it onto here :)

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