How to premake phpVMS Accounts for people

Going to transfer over pilots to our phpVMS website for easy logging and what not. 2 questions:

1: Can i pre make accounts for my pilots instead of receiving 120 emails?

2: Can i easily import routes through a CSV file? I can’t figure it out

Not sure where to put this in terms of categories

Not sure about #1.

If you have an old list of routes from PhpVMS, you can export those easily. If you’re not sure of the format, you can download a sample file from the routes page in the admin panel. The .csv file must be arranged in a specific way for all the routes to import.

  1. yes you can but you need to go into the tables on the SQL Database, but unless your familiar with SQL I wouldn’t advise touching it.

  2. Yes you can, it needs to be in the correct format, but if your using free hosting you will likely get a Time out depending the size of the file.

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Will be pm’ing you haha

@jakevaz423 per my slack PM?

I don’t believe you can import routes via CSV. @William_Armstrong can you confirm?

EDIT: Nevermind - Guess you can. Wish I knew that when I started importing the UVA routes…


Yes, you can import routes via a CSV file. This is much easier than individually adding routes one by one.


You can import routes via CSV.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a user account without a user.

Callsigns could be changed. But only number could be changed. If you want to change first letters of the callsign, you have to change Airline’s ICAO code which could be found in “Airline Operations” -> “Add or edit Airlines” -> click on “edit” next to your current VA.

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