How to preform a crosswind landing?

Hi! I have been playing Infinite Flight for about two years now(Im grade 3 about to reach grade 4) and I was wondering how do you do when preforming a crosswind laning in Infinite Flight? Im quit bad myself at doing crosswind landings to be honest, I discovere that when I hit solo mode today to try some crosswindlandings. I think that is mainly becuse of the reason theres rarley crosswinds in Global!


Emirates A380

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This may help you make crosswind landings -

Try checking METARs of different airports to know their weather conditions :)


Thanks m8 gonna be intresting to watch!

Thanks but I already do that?..

It’s all about the crab 🦀

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It’s all about where you fly, when you fly, how you fly. A good way to practice is by hoping in a CESSNA and repeating two commonly techniques called “wing low” and “crab”. Basic stuff can teach you easily.

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And how do you preform the crab?

It’s when you come into land sideways then turn at the last moment to line up.


Turn with your rudder of course, and not the yoke.

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You need to use your ailerons as well but at different points. A lot of crosswind landings utilise a few techniques. I think using a few of these techniques will be easier. Especially on IF.

The crab comes naturally as you try to keep yourself on the localizer. A bit of ailerons and sometimes rudder may be involved.
Once at 20 feet, begin your flare as you decrab(rudder movement required), touchdown and immediately put the nose gear down(not necessary on the A320), continue with rudder movements to keep yourself on the centerline till you reach roughly 80 kts.

The rest is history…

Mentour can help you here :)

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This is a question @dush19 should answer 😜

. MaxSez: I can’t believe a member since 2016 can’t do a basic search of the IF Tutorials before he’s generates an extremly Basic technique Topic! I Refer you all to IF Chief Pilot Mark Denton’s excellant Tute of the same name, even a UTude Video would surfice. I’m not surprised that the usual suspects responded to this Topic. Some of the responses are sheer nonsense dredged up from their normal ill informed dream state. The pure shame of it…

(Tell me sports fans is it a “Crab” a “Slip” or Hobson’s Choice situation dependent? First correct answer gets a Max Gift Box)

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The rudder is your friend. The same on crosswind takeoffs, use your rudder.

The rudder alone isn’t going to get you there. I agree with @Maxmustang on this one I can’t beleive this is still open.


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