How to post a proper support topic

Ok, you having issues with the game…here is what you should insert into your request. Example:

  1. Use search first, maybe its a known issue and some users had it similar to your problem and got help already)… If not:
  2. Device ( Ipad Air 2/Galaxy Note or any other )
  3. IOS or Android Version ( IOS 9.3.3 or something like that)
  4. IF Version
  5. Describe your problem exactly, including the steps what you did to now trying to resolve by yourself)

And last : Please to the others, READ the post and the answers, it dont help people if like 5 users say the same thing, like restart your device etc.



Including that, thanks…

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Damn, i didn’t found that while search…you are right, sorry…
@Carson @MishaCamp

Please close and unlist…

No Problem, you have points i dont have and Vice Versa

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I think number 4 should be 1. Cuz you don’t type everythinges and then search about it 😉

Done…i just hoped people will read he whole thing before posting😂

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