How to post a new Feature request?

This is a general reminder to help you make sure your “Feature” requests get noticed, and how to post.

First please read the “Features” category description where the guidelines are established.
You should find this-----

"philippePhilippe RollinDeveloper

This category is for all new and existing feature suggestions.
•Before creating a new suggestion, search for an existing one and contribute to it (add comments, like it)
•One feature per topic
•Be specific and concise"

If after having searched the category for the thing you want to request has proven that somebody hasn’t already opened the same request, only then should a new Feature category request be opened.
Only 1 specific item per request. This makes tracking the request much easier.
Never open a new Feature request that contains more than one specific thing. Multiple items in a single request are painful to try and track, where a single subject is very easy.

A Feature request title should be very simple.

GOOD - “Airbus A 350” or “Global Flight”
BAD - “I would love to see more airbus planes” or “Please add all of the planes from WW1”

You can write your opinions or how much you want to see the item in the comments.

We want to know what you want to see. In a great many instances we want to see the same things as you the fans do.
So help us, help you by properly posting “Feature” category requests clean, and right to the point without a mess of duplicates.

Thank you.


What is wrong about it?

Yes. Its not a Feature request, but a general reminder. Most visits to this forum land on the General front page.

Search before posting please!!

YES! But I think I already made that point pretty clear in my post. ;)

Great words @DIsraelFDS sometimes we all need reminding now and again!

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You did make it clear but I’ve gotten rather frustrated over that topic so I mentioned it separately.

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hi david do you know how can i put my request and where?
im trying to put it since yesterday but i cant figure it out .

You need to be a member to post in features. You’re currently a new user. Be active and you’ll get there in no time. :)