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How do I personal message someone?


Click their profile, then click message. This also belongs in #meta ;)

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I suggest reading the guidelines. See ya’ around! :)

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Here’s some detailed instructions from Misha sourced from the A Beginners Guide to the Forum if you’d like to find out more :

See Below :)

Upon reaching Trust Level 1, you are granted the privilege to message other community members here on the forum.

How to create a Private Message

There are two (2) ways that you can private message someone. The first can be done directly through user’s profile.

  • Simply click on their name or search for their profile name by utilizing the built in search feature. The search feature can be found at the top right hand corner of the forum, and is depicted as a magnifying glass. See image below:

Image 1.1

  • Once you have found the person you are looking to message and you have their profile popout in front of you, you will find a blue button labeled “Message” . Click on this button. This is access point to begin a new Private Message.
  • You will need to fill out the Subject line (keyword/phrase regarding what the message is about) as well as your text body. Keep in mind that this forum is not an instant messaging platform. You will be required to type out a message of 10 characters or greater.

Image 1.2

The second way to send a message to a member is to click on the small flag icon 23%20AM at the bottom of a reply. By doing this you are bringing up the flagging options page. Flagging will be discussed in another section so lets focus on the messaging portion for now.

This is the flagging options page. You will see from the image below that the very first option is to send the user a message. Click the circle to the left and begin typing your message in the text field that will automatically display.

Note: By using the message feature under the “flagging options” the title of the message will already be populated for you.

Image 1.3

Viewing messages
To view any and all messages that you have sent or received, click your profile picture at the upper right-hand corner. A drop-down list will appear. Click on the envelope. (Image 1.4) This will take you to your inbox where your messages can be found.

Image 1.4


As he is a new person can he send PMs?

One of the moderators can create a pm and invite you to the person you wish to message.

Here’s all the thing you might need to know.

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Hello, firstly you do this:

Once you press it a page like below will appear :

Once you press the mail button a page like this will appear:
And of course once you press this you may compose a message to a user.
Hope that this helps! ☺️😀

Or an alternative is to press on persons name and message:


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