How to PM

Hello everyone,

In this thread I will teach you how to PM a user. PM is short for private message.

Note: You cannot PM another user if you are TL0 (New User). You must be TL1 (Basic) or above. (You can check your current trust level on your profile page.)

There are a number of ways on how to PM a user. Here is a full rundown:

  1. If a user has replied or created a topic, you can press their name. It will then open their user card. In the top right corner there is a blue “Message” button in which you can press to start a PM.

  2. You can also open up a PM with a tag. If someone has tagged another user, you can press the tag and open up their user card and start a PM.

  3. You can search a specific user using the search function, to open their profile. On their profile, you will find the blue message button to the right, just like the user card.

  4. You can open a person’s user card by pressing their profile picture on the forum home page. From there you can press the blue “Message” button.

  5. You can open your profile by clicking your profile picture on the top right of the forum page. Then press “Profile” on the left side of the dropdown menu. In your profile, scroll down to “Messages”. Press any of the three boxes (All, Mine, Unread), and there will be a blue “New Message” button on the top right.

User Card

PM Window

Profile Page


You can also go to your messages by clicking on your profile image on the top of the page and clicking the little envelope icon. On the page it takes you to, there will be a “New Message” button. Full in the username and message and click send.


Forgot that one. I’ll add it, thanks.