How to PM without mentioning them in a post?

The title says it all.
I know this might be a weird question but it would be very useful to know.

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Hey! Just tap on a user’s profile picture and tap “message”.

I know, what I am trying to ask is as an example let’s say I found my controllers name on the IFC, but if I can’t see any of their posts, I won’t be able to click on their profile?

Tap on their tag and then tap “message”. If you don’t see their tag, go to their profile and message them from there.

You can try it out here: @lucaviness

You can also go to your profile and go to messages. Then press “new message”.

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Go to messages and tap new messages and you should find them without mentioning them.


Right this can be closed now. I figured if I start writing then click present mode I can click the tags.

Thanks everyone!

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