How to play with Keyboard

Hi my device is Iphone 6 and I have connect it with ‘live flight connect’ but when I try to control with the keyboard, there is no respond to the plane, Pls Help!!!

Have you looked at what keys your using? Also watch the tutorial video, you need to set up your IF to use LiveFlight Connect first.

there is a detailed explanation of how to configure the controls on their website also there’s a video tutorial to it.
basically you will have to map the keys given in chart (which is in the PC/OS app).
heres the link-
video for windows-

Well I don’t have a joystick I can only play with WASD, OR OTHER KEYS but none of them respond.
Help pls!

It’s not worth the effort. I’ve tried a long time ago it’s just uncontrollable. Just saying

My friend got a joystick and it is delivering to hime in a few days time, I am still waiting for his feedback about the joystick, any recommendations??

Keep on topic…You’re asking about keyboard support;Don’t ask for recommendations on joysticks when there are multiple topics regarding joysticks!

same here…the aircraft just sways around and its hard to recover, I’ve tried the sensitiveness and various adjustments but no point.

So is there any ways to play with keybodard, because mine have no responds at all!

If your looking for a joystick I like Thrustmaster a lot. I would assume your friend got his by now so you could ask to try his with LiveFlight and see how you like it. Personally if you have a large enough device it’s better without the joystick because the joystick can be unresponsive and only make turns in large increments of bank. In others words it isn’t very precise.

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