How to plan a trip to Japan?

If in peak time the prices are down, I would not be complaining. And if it was up to me, I would go in the peak of summer, as more people would be there. And the prices is much much lower.

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The prices are higher in the summer.

The cheapest connecting flights were $1300-1400 RT

do research on when that airline does sales. As currently in australia Tiger Air has a birthday sale with 10 dollar flights that are usually around 150-200. Do research is all i can say.

He wants to fly direct and currently JAL is the only airline that offers that, unless another airline offers direct that isn’t changing…

As said above, Japan is super safe. Everyone there is able to lend a hand if you need it. When you get to the airport customs are what they are. Everyone has to go through them. But once you step outside the airport, Japan shows it’s true beauty. The food there is great, I actually ate Sushi a lot when I was there. This will be a test trip for you and I hope you plan the best trip you’ve had yet :)

yes i know but they probably have sales occasionally. Also sometimes stop overs are cheaper :). If i flew to hawaii with jetstar stopping in sydney its 300 dollars cheaper then direct with qantas ;)

People don’t fly non-stop because of the fares it’s usually because they have limited vacation time and for comfort and ease.

I live flying cheaply, I sometimes download flightradar24 and see what airlines fly the route you wnat and then check all the see different airlines and selected the cheapest one, also booking singles is one of the best ways to do it, it might be with different airlines but I find it the best way to do it sometimes. And 1 more tip set your self a budget

This, right here, is a very important tip xD


Yeah, it is, I think it’s the No.1 rule

The best thing is to learn of their culture and get a good grasp of the transportation systems so you get to see as much as possible.

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Here’s your #1 way to save money, since you are cash-stripped. Take an indirect route, direct flights are always more expensive.

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Tip #1 Bring me with you

Tip #2 I Dont know much about Japan but Check out JAL’s website they may advertise cool places throughout Japan.

Also what type of hotel are you looking to stay at?

Hostel? Pod hotel? Low-Mid tier or High End?

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