How to plan a trip to Japan?

Hi all, I would love to fly to Japan, but right now, I’m strapped of funds, but I will start saving until I have enough for a Round Trip ticket to Japan.

I am planning on where to go, and I’m going to have to fly out of Boston, as Japan Airlines flies Non-Stop to Tokyo.

I am aiming for the Summer of 2018, and I would like hear your tips on what I should do to plan this effectively without stressing out. I plan to stay at least one week in Japan, so that I can explore Tokyo and some other places.

What should I bring with me? This will be my very first time ever traveling to Japan, and I want to make it a good experience. I will try and bring a friend along, as I don’t want to go alone.


C’mon man, you’re a regular. Real World Aviation
Also, you can search, here is a topic I found that should help you out :)


I know how to find Cheap flights, but would like to know what to expect when traveling to a foreign country, as I would like to hear some tips from everyone on what I should do on how to prepare to travel abroad

I personally think the best way to plan a trip is to visit a trusted Travel Agents that will help you plan a vacation. (AAA as an example. Family books through them time to time. You will need to be a member though.)

But also, you also try sites like Expedia. (if you trust them, I personally never booked through them)


Google Flights is excellent for this, you can search for nearby airports and see price graphs.

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Japan is very safe, and the people there are welcoming. Try out the toilets too. It’s also really busy, especially around central Tokyo. Try the food as well. Maybe visit some temples and take a train to Mount Fuji.


When you visit another country make sure you know the local laws ask me anything I have traveled all the time

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I think he will. It’s human nature. Everyone does.


Lol 😂 I meant all those fancy buttons that heat up the toilet seat and stuff


I Think he meant the high tech Toilets, since Japan has high end technology


Ok, We’re not taking about toilets here, can we stay on topic? Thanks in advanced :)

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The only thing you need to do in Japan is bring their manners with you.

Okay, the tips are not in order, I’ll just write what ces to mind =p

For one week, it is recommended you buy a train travel card. I spent about $150 on 2 weeks on trains since my goal was to live like a non-tourist xD

1 week of mobile data shouldnt cost much.

If you intend to stay in Tokyo only and want to be adventurous, simply walk around and get lost. Use your phones gps when you need to find your way.

If you are backpacking and arnt intending to buy anything major over from Japan, you can cut cost with low cost airlines. The travel experience probably sucks but save where you can xD

Eat convenience store food.

If its only 1 stop away inside central tokyo, walk.

To be honest, you only need to plan if you intend to visit tourist attractions. I am one of those who rather venture unrestricted to plans but I understand some people must have a plan.

You can try to plan areas pack with attractions to maximise time.
Example: Asakusa station has a really large shrine and tokyo sky tree just 30mins walk away. Theres a nice river and shoping district along your walk so its not gonna be a boring walk.
Meiji shrine is near harajuku where the fashion street is (about 40mins stroll) the shrine closes at 6pm but thats about the time harajuku fashion street opens. Near the street is another shrine hidden, explore a little to find it.

I’ll tell you, the yamanote line (green) itself has so much attractions. Just walk station to station, theres so much to see.

Just bring money, a phone and yourself. It will be a great adventure. In my phone was a translator and maps, thats how I communicated on my own xD

Have fun!! Just thinking about it makes me so excited. Brings back good memories =p

Ps. I know you mentioned not to talk about toilets but its really hightech!


Thank you very much! I want to explore Tokyo, and some other cities. I’m not going alone, I’d rather be with a friend so I don’t feel alone (and so I can have someone to talk to and be with). Thanks for all the information! Tokyo is the main attraction for two reason:
Video Games and Anime


Video games and anime, I guess the only place I know is Akihabara. Then again, its on yamanote line so its still pretty convenient. Heard from my friends that somewhere else on the green line is another anime culture street similar to akiba.

If by any chance at all, you like musical instruments, a 30mins walk is a street of music stores xD

If you like hidden culture, about 10mins from Akihabara station is a hidden shrine hidden in between back streets.

Ueno has a nice shopping district and a large park too! (Well large in a way that my country only has small parks =p). But I reckon is a very nice serene park with huge fountain and a starbucks. Theres a mini shrine there too.

Okay, im gonna stop spamming >< I’ll leave the exploration to you ^^

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My personal favorite was Hiroshima. It’s so moving, like nothing else. Also the nearby Island of Miyajima was very unique and historical too.

Kyoto was very neat, seeing all the shrines and temples, if that’s what your into. Personal favorite would be Daigoji. A bit of hike but well worth the journey.

Tokyo was cool, but at the end of the day, just a big city. Shibuya and neighboring areas like Ropongi were neat, but just shopping and eating areas. Asakusa was very neat, full of vendors and street food.

Eat until you drop when in Japan. So many different and unique types of food to try, don’t say no to anything. My rule was “order it as it comes, and eat it all”. Let all pickiness go out the window. Personal favorites were Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki and Osaka/Dontonboris Takoyaki. Google to find out what those are.

Because you are a tourist, you have access to the JR Rail Pass. Allows for unlimited travel on all JF trains and Shinkansen trains, which will move you all across Japan. The ride from Hiroshima to Tokyo, about 800km, takes only four hours usin Shinkansen. Very handy.

The way I flew was fly into Osaka, and out of Tokyo. This allowed me to hit all of Southernish Japan very easily without having to backtrack from Tokyo, and same goes for the Tokyo Area. This is the best way to go. Could do it in reverse.

Here’s a couple photos from my trip:

Japan is definitely my favorite place I’ve been too in the world this far, and that’s saying something. It tops a very long list of 29 countries, and if you go, (which you 1000000% should), you’ll see why.

And to go off of what @Yunkeru and @Kyle.Plane mentioned, here’s the toilet “handle”.


If you must fly non-stop you are going to have to cough up 2k in peak season…

And flight are usually relatively cheap to Japan, at least from the West Coast. Here’s what a quick google search got me:

Basically nothing, and 5 star airlines. Roundtrip pricing. And this is also in cherry blossom season, the best season to go. Will be a little busier, but will be a lot prettier.

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LAX is far from BOS, plus he wants nonstop which is expensive. Plus your search is in April which is not high season.

$844 is the cheapest for LAX-NRT in high season.

April is high Season for Japan, as that is Cherry Blossom season. Also, Boston to LAX for that time was $300 round trip. It will be hard as they are separate bookings, but direct from Boston will be hard on your wallet. $2,000 compared to $700, plus, may be nice to have a stop to break up the time.

The prices don’t seem to reflect that.

LAX-NRT is only two hours less then BOS-NRT
It would be only worth to do that for a lower price.