How To Perform Touch & Go in 747-8

Hey everyone!

It’s Monday and that means its time for this week’s flight tutorial. There have been several requests on how to do a touch and go and so it is finally here. Post any comments or questions below!

Happy and Safe Landings!


Nice tutorial!

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outstanding tutorial again Mark!

does XP get affected by the smoothness of landing

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Correct me if I’m wrong Mark, but the nosewheel must make contact with the runway in order for it to be considered a touch n go.

Yes I believe what you said is correct as far as many of us here know

Yes, I believe it does.

Great tutorial, Mark!

Basically, it is not “specified” that the nose wheel must touch the ground. A touch and go is defined basically a landing where the aircraft is on the ground long enough to reconfigure the aircraft. I have seen several aircraft in real world touch down on the main gear and keep the nose off the ground and I have done this as well when flying. But the main gear must touch the ground.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I’m always interested in learning new things. Thanks.

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I needed to see this,cause me and the B747 have a “love hate” relationship…cant seem to land this bird at all…i can take-off,cruise and approach well…but landing…FORGET IT!! LOL…thanks for this

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Great video Mark, it would be great if you did another one on the advanced server with wind and weather as you mentioned in the video, time permitting.
Your videos are great,
Thanks again

From my experience no. If you want lots of XP then land on orange colored runways(crosswind). Recently just got 1000xp for 5 landing in 15mins.


just 1 question , @Mark_Denton how can u reduced the speed before touch down until 140 not stall ??

Spoilers Flight

Flaps and smooth movements

absolutelty flaps , its procedure for landing , smooth movements maybe lol

Not sure I fully understand what you are asking, however, the proper use of flaps, gear, spoilers, pitch, etc all help you slow the aircraft.

Awesome Mark😀😀😀