How To Perform A Stop And Go


Hey everyone!

Well it’s Monday once again which means its’s time for this week’s tutorial. Today I demonstrate how to perform a Stop and Go since last week we demonstrated the touch and go. Several people have messaged me asking for this video so I hope this helps answer any questions that you may have. When doing a stop and go, just be sure to remain respectful of others that are behind you on approach and not to cause them to have to go around. Make sure that it is not a conflict with others whether there is Live ATC or on Unicom.

Post any questions or comments below.

Happy and Safe Landings!

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Great stuff, Mark! Is it recommended that you shouldn’t do a stop and go if you don’t have enough runway length for the takeoff after you do the full stop?


Uh, yeah, that would be highly recommended. If you dont have enough runway to takeoff, then simply exit the runway and taxi back to the end of the runway for another takeoff and try again.


Thanks for clearing that up.


So you would just request a normal touch and go? Not a full stop then?


Hey Mark!

Do you know any good aircrafts that are good for stop and goes?


As of right now you can’t request a stop and go so you would request touch and go. When cleared for the option, as long as it doesn’t interfere with other traffic, you can do a stop and go.

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Any of the aircraft.


Ok, thanks Mark


Nice tutorial Mark! I’ve never seen anyone do one of these, or done one myself, but maybe I’ll try it sometime!


Nice tutorial
Quest how did you done the recording, like 2 views at 1 time


Excellent, well done.


Hey Mark, on a touch and go, do I actually have to do it in that order? Can I do a go and touch instead?


Mark, thanks a lot for the tutorials. Since we know that most pilots don’t consider other pilots around them, I wouldn’t encourage a stop and go to be done in IF. Just my 2 cents worth opinion. Besides, what happened to creating realism in IF?


Why “Stop & Go” ! Interesting! Three (3) “Night Time” Stop & Go’s & Three (3) "Day Time"Tough & Go’s are FAA Requirements for those holding "Commercial (Pax Carrying) Tickets. FAR 61.57 says that you need to annually complete three takeoffs and landings to a full stop in order to carry passengers AT NIGHT. You also need three “DAY” Touch-and-Go’s in order to carry passengers during the day. Thus there is a method to the Chief Pilots madness as noted here! (Night Flying he’s sez, hell IF night flying is the pits. Just reviewed my IF Log Book and noted I don’t have sufficient night hours or even thethree (3) night Stop & Go’s accrued to satisfy this annual commercial ticket punch even with 5+ years of IF logged night flight hours. ( I credit my limited night hours to the lack of realism in the IF night environment. The lack of reflective ambient light radiating from the surface, no After/Metro glow, no Moon, weak Beacons & Landing Lights, no Taxi Lights on aircraft (factory equip), unlit active exit markers, no blue Taxiway lights etc. Been waiting for these program improvements for half a decade.). Chalk this comment up to professional knowledge gained.
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