How to pay for Subscription

I know you can pay with apple credit and money through apple. Is there a way where you can buy a supscription through pay-pal or other ways? Or is there a way to transfer credit from PayPal to apple? I am asking this because I am broke on everything but pay pal and my subscription ends Tuesday. Thanks

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Hello there, as a matter of fact someone asked this earlier. Have a look at this post by Staff Member Sebastian :)


It would be great if apple was not so strict. Like transfer PayPal credit to apple gift card credit. I guess an option is to buy a gift card using PayPal

You can pay with PayPal on iOS.

Follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the App Store
  2. go to “Today” tab
    3.tap on your profile picture on the top right corner
  3. tap on the section where it says your name and email address associated with your Apple ID
  4. tap on Payment Information
  5. Choose PayPal.

If PayPal is not in any either option, then your country doesn’t support PayPal for Apple IAP (In-App Purchases). If it is the case, well, your PayPal can’t be used to subscribe to Infinite Flight.

*note: I think you can buy Apple Gift Cards with PayPal. There are sellers on eBay and Amazon; however, be cautious. Look at the sellers’ ratings and country of gift card. Not to mention: watch out for scammers! If you buy a US gift card but you actually live in other countries, you’ll just be wasting money.

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Thank you! This helps a bunch. This topic can be closed now.

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