How to pass my ATC written exam?

Good afternoon Guys,

I am in the recruitment process of IFATC, my status shows “Written ATC exam” but I do not see any link or haven’t received any email asking me to do so. Is there something I missed? Help would be welcome here.



Do you have a recruiter yet?

You need to get in contact with your recruiter.

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Hi @J-F_V,

Yes I do, he contacted me asking my details, but since (5 days)… nothing

He should reply you soon with a message containing all the informations and links you’ll need

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I’d just respectfully send a bump in your PM if it’s been 5 days since your last communication. Keep in mind recruiters handle a large amount of recruits, plus are just volunteers, so they’re quite busy. Hope that helps!

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I’ll be patient then. I’ll give him another day…
Thanks !

Summer time usually = a bit longer delays … as said, a respectfull bump should do the work

Handled in PM.