How to optimize my VA/VO's chances of being accepted

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if you have any tips to maken my VA/VO appliaction better.

Make sure you have some staff and have a plan for what you want to achieve!

Yes but all is ready but I have no Staff

Also, Have routes the same as the real world routes of your Airline!

But if my VA didn’t exist IRL. I’ve created routes but no Staff

Has it been accepted by IFVARB?

No I wait to have more staff. Do you know the staff number required ?

All is ready but no staff

I’d give these threads a look, whilst also looking at other VA websites and threads. BAVA is an excellent example 🙃

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Thank you! I was just looking for that thread.

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OK thanks. I’ve discover that things are missing in my application

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Yeah just make sure you have everything there and it should be very easy!

Is it a drama if I have no website ?

Yes, you will probably not get accepted 😢

Do you know a website to create website for free ?

I recommend to use Wix.

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Sorry I didn’t see this but yes. The comment above is a good website fo use!

Ok thanks. I will start now