How to open the plane?

Can you tell me how they open on airplanes?

Do you mean doors? Like cargo doors, service doors and passenger doors?

The most recently reworked or added aircraft will have door animations which will allow for moving doors etc.

It depends on the Aircraft.

Go into systems and down to actions if the aircraft has interactive doors etc.


It depends what aircraft it is. Some I could think of off the top of my mind is the a330, 757, and the 777
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Crj-200 has also animated doors

Yes, as I said, those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head

Hello @HOT_GAME!

The following aircraft are the only ones capable of opening doors, windows, canopies etc.:

  • A-10

  • A330-900

  • A330-300

  • 777 Family

  • C172

  • TBM-930

  • A350-900

  • 757-200

  • CRJ Family

  • XCub

  • C-130 series and the AC-130

  • DC-10 and MD11 family

You can find the option to do so under Systems → Actions.


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