How to open a VA

I’m looking at staring a va and I have contact mods and no one has answered me at all can someone help

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Please contact members of the IFVARB and read around here

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I have and they ignore me

Ah you beat me :) close!

They are busy since it is during the holidays. They said themselves that the VA approval process will slow down for the next few days

Contact @Danman To get started.

Everything you need to know is in the links kindly supplied above by @Chief305 & @Chris_Hoover.
Please be patient as it’s the holidays and the staff are having downtime. The IFVARB Admins are busy folk.


Listen to the wise words of @Chris_S once he replies

Everything that you need to know is included in the IFVARB information thread that has already been posted.

You cannot circumvent the process by skipping steps. You have to build everything yourself and go before the IFVARB for approval.


Ok I know I’m working on stuff

Here’s a checklist that I used for my VA

  • a website with multiple pages and info

  • a catchphrase (e.g. The Heart Sets Us Apart (Southwest), We Want The Sky To Be Your Home. (Embark))

  • a logo

  • a list of routes

  • a list of aircraft

Hope this helps!


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To contact a IFBR rep to get started once you have your check list done

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