How to obey the ATC commands

Hi guys i met some problems following ATC orders in advanced server. I’m quiet confused with those orders. For example after i took off the tower told me “xxxx number 2, clear to land, xxxxxx in on final”, or ground lead me to a closed runway then the tower ask me to go to the other end of runway. And all of them asked me to go to the help page and read ATC instructions. So could anyone tell me what should i do in this two particular situations? I don’t want to be rude but i certainly can’t land my plane right after i took off.

You got the names of the controllers, and where it was?

We need more information. Where, when, and possibly the name of the controller? Otherwise we can’t help you

Since i still believe that i’m a rookie player, i just wanted to know what to do to obey the rules here. If you think there’s something need to be done, i only remeber it was last night, West Europe time(+1) around 11pm, EGLL, London. Please note that i’m not complaining.

When an ATC clears you to land, I.e “N333CC, number 2, runway 27, cleared to land” you do have the permission to touch down on the runway.

If ATC tells you to taxi to a runway that is red, please be aware that this is sometimes right. If the tailwind is not greater than 10 knots it is still usable and ATC may choose to use it.

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I think it is very clear that my question it not that what you explained.

So the controller clearedyou for take-off then immediately cleared you to land?

After i took off and reached 2000, i said thank you good bye to him, this is only thing i can do

Ok so here is my thoughts you took off when doing so requested remaining in the pattern. Once you took off you were told #2 traffic to follow is on final and then cleared to land as #2. The whole taxi to the runway thing doesn’t make much sense as typically both tower and ground are the same person so you either taxied to the wrong end or he accidently sent you to the wrong end on ground. Do you have screen shots of the log?

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What server was this on?

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If tower says “number 2 cleared to land” or “number 2 traffic to follow on final”, you have to lookout for the aircraft ahead of you and maintain distance as they’re number 1 and you’re number 2 in the pattern and you have clearance to land after them. “Traffic on final” means the aircraft you have to follow is on the final approach demarcated by the red cones on the radar.

ATC mustve given you sequence or clearance to land since you requested “takeoff, remaining in the pattern”.

Ok. Well in that situation I would use the command “I’m Sorry” as a form to excuse the possible mistake the controller made! Or you could vector yourself to a left or right downwind dependant on the traffic pattern that the controller is using! Personally, if you were on the upwind leg when the controller cleared you to land, the controller was technically at fault! It’s not a major issue but generally if you were being cleared to land, you would be informed when on the downwind leg! At least that’s how I do It! For the record I don’t do controlling on the advanced server however I’m soon to take the theory exam and so forth! I may be wrong in my actions and I’m sure the advanced controllers could correct me on that phase! But hopefully this gives some help!

Many thanks,

IFEP John Gerard Killen

Thanks that would explain this. I didn’t do screen shot because i really don’t think it was anybody’s fault, and at least 4 air crafts was sent to the wrong way and the tower asked them to go back one-by-one. But i guess in real life if Ground told everybody to taxi to a closed runway, he will be fined.

Many thanks

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Well thanks for you explain. I really don’t have any experience on ATC(everything i know was from the help page and videos such as pilotseye). I’d better just go back to ATC play ground, lol.

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Honestly i hate when people say check atc help pages for instructions

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@Misrael102 it’s probably because you need to.


Brandon’s right, if you hate it, you probably have to check them yourself


That’s why you learn the theory before practical! In Anything!

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No its not that, to me it seems unrealistic, i know all the concepts of following atc commands so obvoulsy im not checking it. An example of me getting that message was when i started the game. Some random guy told me to go on ground frequency but i was busy at the time so i didnt do it, then i pushed back whenever i was ready then i get the check atc help pages message.

And that’s a perfect example of why you need to check the help pages. Would you rather us revoke your pilot’s liscense like they would do in the real world for not complying with ATC?