How to not taxi

In the last month i have seen a lot of line-cutters. All pictures that i show you were taken on Expert with active ATC

You should always taxi to the taxiway on the end of the runway. That avoids planes that want to takeoff on the middle on the runway and disturb traffic flow.

When you are at an airport with two parralel taxiways like LAX, use the taxiway next to the runway for taxiing after leaving the runway and use the taxiway farther away from the runway to taxi to the runway. Don’t be the guy that cuts in line on this taxiway and taxiies with 34 kt groundspeed.

If you are spawning at a busy airport don’t spawn on the gates next to the runway unless that are the only gates avaible with your current plane. If you do that, you will have to wait a long time and will probably get progressive taxi instructions that increase the controllers workload. You also annoy everybody who is taxiing normal to the runway.

You also shouldn’t block taxiways for pepole that cut in line because you will also disturb the traffic flow and get too close to other pepoles aircraft.

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While this one is a good rule of thumb, different airports have different procedures. The rest is great though!


The first image there’s really nothing wrong at all. Unless atis said no intersection departures… Otherwise intersection departures are fine. As no airplane landing or taking off should exit right where all the planes are…
Unless you’re talking about them passing the hold short line while holding short in that case you would be right


But if you read the title, how not to taxi. Being over the hold short line and taxing are completely different things.

Yes but that is not the point of showing that picture so that aspect is irrelevant

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I am not talking about this
I added the picture because many pepole want to be the first ones taking off and just use another taxiway. It generally interrupts traffic flow because the planes sometimes even block the whole taxiway. That is mostly a problem at smaller airports.

I believe @Alphadog4646 was responding to @Benjwri

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I realised just after posting and removed my comment. I didn’t real the caption because the picture was exactly the same as the pictures used in demonstrations of how to hold short.

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Remember IFATC are trained, if someone was told to hold short after someone else, the person who was told to hold short first will takeoff first. If anything you’re still going to get in the air roughly around the same time. So i don’t see a big deal about the first image

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Well for me there is something wrong. Why should you take off before me if i started taxiing before? Do you like when you are in the supermarket and people go in front of you?

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Did you read anything i said? Take the image provided by the OP the very first one. if the plane on far right requested take off, they would go first. Then whoever was next. It’s not who’s closest to the end of the runway. Whoever requests first usually goes first.

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The first picture I don’t agree with. Unless there is a “no intersections allowed” in the atis, it is allowed. I even like when pilots do that. Firstly, I can use it to line several people at the same time, second it shortens the cue and third I can choose to put a certain plane in front of another one. (Heavy/light someone not ready for T/O)

The second one is good and would be a dream for controllers. Though mandatory… I don’t expect a pilot to do that, nor do I do it myself when I fly😅…

The third is something that may make things easier, but I mean realistically people can spawn anywhere. Moreover, our job is to de conflict. We’re trained for that so no point not allowing or discouraging that.

The fourth one I’d say is common sense and just judgment. Planes never go that close IRL. but again not mandatory…

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Controllers aim for an overall effectiveness. Even if locally (you) it’s slower, maybe globally it can save time. If I have a lot of small light planes, I’ll make the takeoff all in the row. Even if I have a big plane waiting, I’m going to make him wait because it’s much more efficient. For proof, you can see that IRL too.

And this is why intersection departures are good🙃

@oscnogbal Btw with that grocery store analogy, we should only have one cashier open right? To avoid people getting out before me even though i was in a different cash line first. Does not make sense. As i’ve said IFATC are trained. Want more discussion please pm me:)

@Captain_Zen @Alphadog4646
I changed the Picture to a better one

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Now it makes more sense. And i agree with that one, don’t block an entrance way when you see jumbos who will probably go there👍🙂

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Also maybe add, that that applies to the first few planes. Basically the idea is to have an even spread of people for each hold short point

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#1 is pretty annoying if there is only one taxiway, I’ve seen #2 at an event and everyone got mad, I kind if agree with #3 since that’s usually a cargi apron, but at the same time the realostic gate will be close to the runway. #4 is not acceptable.

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I’m going to take a line from @TaipeiGuru

“We cannot report you for jumping the queue. Yes, it’s rude, but most of the time it’ll come back to haunt you in the end. Be the bigger man and ignore him. :)”