How to not get bored?

I am planning to do a 8- hour flight from OMDB-EGLL. but still i quit easily because of getting bored. any ideas to avoid boredom while flying preciously in IF? Considering that i have YT Premium


Read a good book during the flight, I do it all the time 👌

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If you are getting bored while you are awake, maybe consider doing short-haul flights. I promise that the numerous amount of cycles will pass the time.

Otherwise, read a book, watch TV, go outside, maybe take a nap if you want. It’s all personal preference. I like to talk with others in VA Slacks, maybe watch some YouTube, browse the forum, or go outside.


Music, Book, Youtube, Netflix, Social Media, Go for a walk or bike or whatever, Hangout, Whatever you want…

Or Roblox!


I feel the same about long hauls during times where I’m awake. I tend to lose interest in the flights much more often. I usually only do the long hauls overnight, and short and medium during the day.


If you are really bored, and are interested in maybe becoming a better pilot in Infinite Flight, I would study up on topics regarding flight.

You could also study STAR and SID procedures, as well as Approach and Departure plates.

I’m currently reading the PPL handbook since I’m bored haha


Hmm, what a great idea

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I’m not sure what plane you’re flying, but there is one with some in-flight entertainment… 👀


For long hauls, I usually do them before I go to sleep and let it fly overnight.

Hmm, the Atari Easter egg on A350👀

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