How to NOT Emirates

Welcome to the tutorial on how to NOT Emirates! This tutorial will show you everything you need to know on how to do so.

Step 1: The Taxi

Here is our 777-300ER that we will be NOT flying perfectly today.

Who needs a pushback tug? If you want to get in the air fast you don’t have time for a pushback tug. Go ahead and taxi through everything.

Step 2: The takeoff

Make sure you are as steep as possible to get the passenger’s adrenaline pumping. The steeper the better!

Step 3: Cruising

There’s not really much here. Just stay inverted and you will be fine.

Step 4: Approach

Maintain cruising until the airport is in sight. As soon as it is go ahead and nose dive to come in for a landing.

Step 5: The Landing

Make sure to make it as hard as possible. Don’t forget to not use the landing gear!

Step 6: Taxi to the Gate

Who needs taxiways? No need to use them. Also forget what gate you were supposed to be at. It doesn’t matter.

Make sure to park at the smallest gate possible.

If you follow all these steps you will successfully NOT Emirates.

Thanks for viewing!


That’s fun 😂 like the other one with ryanair.
Good job @Butter575


Thank you.

If Maverick was an airline pilot


I need information about flaps and speedbrakes.🎑

Flaps at whatever is wrong. No speed brakes


Ah yes. I think I should start using this technique

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Hahahahah looks good

Wow very funny…😄😄

Thank you!

Thanks. :D

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I thought this was a standard lol (jk)

i love this so much reminds me of a bosnian ape society video


Not only is this how not to emirates but a Ryanair interview prep topic! Thanks so much!

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Impressive very nice

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Thank you professor! I will take notes for the exam next week on this lesson. What is planned for the next lesson? 👀

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You’ll see soon

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Impressive… Very nice

On your “approach” did you take that picture at KLAX coming into either runway 24 or 25 L or R? I think I recognize the background scenery

Funny 😂 very fun