How to navigate the taxiways at night/in the dark?

Hey everyone, I am seeking advice as to how you guys manage the taxiways at night? Do you simply change the time so you can see, or is there another way?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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To be honest… I have no clue. Your best bet is turn it to sunny.


Most people change the time of day to noon. You could also vote for Taxiway Lights here


Sit in a dark room with your brightness turned up to the max…or just change your sim time to noon.


20.1 will have a taxiway map so I’ll try to use that when it comes out soon™


If I want to keep it dark and taxi I will use live flight to track my plane around the taxiways. I go a bit slower so that Live flight can kinda keep up. Works ok I find tho.

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I can’t wait for the taxi way map 😫

Charts are also a option

They are. But if you can’t see where you are going at night you won’t be able to see the turn offs. I tried charts and they worked ok in the day but at night not so good. But that might just be me. 😆

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😂Well charts and dark room, full brightness and focus usually work for me. Switching to day is less realistic but WAY easier.


Here’s how you do it:

I know it seems complicated but it eventually becomes second nature. I regularly fly and taxi at night with no issues by doing this^

I usually fly on my iPad, so I can see them well enough.

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Taxi charts in 20.1 will be big help

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Put your phone to full brightness and sit in a non-lit area - that’s what I do

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Putting the brightness on works perfectly at night you can taxi almost like during daytime

Set the screen brightness to max and you should normally be fine. If it’s a night with a somewhat full moon, than it will be easily bright enough, otherwise make sure that there’s no light source directly behind you, and you should also be very fine.

If it’s really dark I also adjust my speed on taxi accordingly.

To be quite honest… you don’t.

I fly at night without changing the time. Its hard to see but i just change the camera to outside view so i can see a bit. Give it a try.

Hopefully IF will upadate this in the near future

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