How to maneuver without being able to see?

I spawned at an unfamiliar airport, KJFK. The METAR read 0SM and I couldn’t see anything in all camera views except HUD. How am I able to navigate around an unfamiliar airport near-blind? I may accidentally enter into a runway and even if I managed to find the correct runway for takeoff I might overrun the runway because I can’t see the runway markings. Any tips on how to avoid these issues?

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You can find a real life aerial image (google maps, infinite flight tracker, etc.) Of the airport in order to calculate a safe taxi. Hope this helps, good luck :).

If I’m not mistaken, if it the visibility was actually 0 in real life, they’d just cancel/delay the flights. So I’d advise you to just wait till the weather gets better.


The visibility was so bad that I didn’t know where I was and I had to “reverse” by pushing back because I realised I was entering a runway.

Use LiveFlight dynamic airport charts 😎

And taxi slowly


I have no paid subscription there.

In that case, Misha shall get you a sub :p

Try using KJFK ground charts. You can create a route from gate to runway using them. But as someone said above, flights would just be cancelled if visibility was that low.

Does that require me to $$?

Nope :)

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That when you normall see airport is closed

My bad for the Northeast fog! Increasing brightness is the best you can get really.

At 0SM the airport would be closed

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