How to manage your replays

I am unable to do this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. When I press on the file it says there is no application to open it with. Any thoughts?

Edit: I found that you have to press the “share” button in the file explorer and then select to share it to Infinite Flight. Might want to add that to the tutorial for Android.


@PlaneCrazy Yes, I used 7zipper and used “send it /**\” and I opened in IF and worked successfully!

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Thanks I updated it.


If this is based on device storage, say I did a 12 hour flight which would take up quite a lot of storage, does it delete the start of the recordings as you run out of storage? I don’t have much storage so this may be an issue for me.

When I save replays it’s all okay, but at the moment I try to open one of them with IF my game just crashes, does someone know any way for opening replays safely? Thank you!

Sorry if i missed it…im in a hurry.
But can u share replays to people who dont own IF?

I don’t think so @DarthPilot

Replay files are only useful to another IF player.

A video of that Replay need be made in order to share your flight with someone who doesn’t have IF.

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Did you happen to try closing IF and then opening the Replay file itself?
I believe I either read, or maybe heard it on the live video chat, opening the file would start IF and load the Replay.

I will try it out, thanks!

Is the replay feature for ATC limited to IFATC or available for all controllers?

Somewhere l might have missed this…is there an average number of megs that each replay uses to store as a file or is it dependant on flight time or other factors…ie… does a twelve hour plus flight will use more space than an equivalent three hour… also l prefer to save files directly from my device to an external wifi type instead of the much slower transfer back from a cloud drive… so what is the approx compression ratio

I use the X-plore file manager and l find it is much easier to use that to both open and select a file to transfer…just locate the sub directory that the IF files are in and copy it over directly to a secondary device like when you made movies from the FIP videos

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Thanks, Chris. That was a HUGE help. I’m going to test it out

Please fix this bug. I went to KSFO in the WOW air a320 and it went all white and stuff please fix


Just reinstall the app and you should be good. We’re aware of an issue regarding what you mention.

I am so glad you put this in! I wanted it for so long! :) I’m going to record all the times I land and butter the bread!

What is going on with this? I am so confused? You guys create replay mode but I can’t export it to iMovie or phots in order to make a movie? I can’t share it with a device that does not have IF and it is a .replay? Can you even put it into iMovie? Or anything?

Correct, the replay file is only compatible with Infinite Flight. The file is not a video but a data file of your position and the planes around you. If it was a single video file it would prohibit people from doing multiple camera angles and other advanced camera activities.

You can use any third party recorder like before to make a movie that can then be exported into iMovie.

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Do you have any ideas of other apps I could use please?