How to manage your replays

Version 19.1 introduced flight and ATC replays! Replays let you play back your entire session so you can analyze your flight, grab awesome screen shots, and use different camera angles to make the perfect Infinite Flight video.

If you need help with the replay itself, take a look at these both from the pilot and ATC replay point of view.

One of the features of the replay module is the ability to import and export your replay so you can easily share with others.

Replay Notes:

  • Only flights logged after the 19.1 release will be shown.
  • Replay files are NOT video files. They are data files that represent your flight and what is around you.
  • The uninstalling and reinstalling of Infinite Flight will remove replayed stored in Infinite Flight but will not impact exported files.

How to Access Your Replays

You access your replays from the main menu.

  1. Launch Infinite Flight
  2. Press on “Replays”

How to Export Your Replays
  1. Access your replays
  2. Select the replay you wish you export
  3. Press on “Share”

  1. Select where you would like to save the file. Your options may vary from the image below depending on your device and installed apps. For some Android devices you may have to press Share on the popup window.


For Android, the process is the same but a different window will appear. Your options may vary based on what is installed. The concept is the same, you need to save to to your device somewhere.

  1. Your file will be saved to the location you select.

How to Import Your Replays

Importing a saved replay is as simple as opening the replay file. It will open in Infinite Flight and import to your available replays.

  1. Using your device, navigate to the file you wish to import.

  1. Press on the file to open it. (Opening the file may vary depending on device)

  2. Please note that some devices require you to long press on the file, followed by selecting “share” and selecting “open in infinite flight”

  3. Infinite Flight will open and import the replay


  1. Your imported file will show in your replay list

How to Delete Your Replays
  1. Access your replays
  2. Select the replay you wish you delete
  3. Press the delete button

  1. Pressing on “Delete” will bring up a small menu giving you the option of deleting only the selected one, all unstarred, or all replays.

How to Edit Your Replays

You have the ability to edit your replays to add a custom note regarding the session.

  1. Access your replays
  2. Select the replay you wish to edit
  3. Press on “Edit”

  1. A text box will appear for you to enter your comment.

  1. Press OK to save your comment.


Good I’ll have this to come back to if I have to.Thank you!

Thanks this will be really helpful :D

WHOOO cant wait to see the butter landings I will do from different cameras

Just to have an idea, how much memory does a one hour (max settings) flight take and same thing for one hour controlling? (Considering lots of traffic)

This will be so helpful for ATC, can’t wait!

It really depends on how many additional planes are around you. I have had a multi hour flight only be 50 mb or so. Controller sessions vary on traffic.


But let’s say worst case scenario at FNF on approach and max settings with the camera on ground. Also does it change when we download it onto our Device or does it still take a small amount of memory?

This makes it impossible to answer, as there’s so many variable to take into consideration. It depends on the amount, what they do, if they move etc etc etc.


👍Makes sense. Can’t wait to try it out!
One last question 🙂… can you import it directly to the Apple photos app thing whatever it’s called?👇

I suppose you can just didn’t see it as an option here on the thread.

You can’t export replay files to the “photos” app on iOS as the way the replay is saved isn’t a supported file type. Your screenshots taken directly from replay can be saved there though.


I loveee the new replay feature! Is there a way to change the freecam sensitivity in live replay?

As I am having trouble zooming into stuff on freecam.

Hey. Try holding the right side of your screen and then tilt your device back or forward.

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Not at the moment. We understand there are still some things that can be addressed that were not show-stoppers and will be addressed in future releases.

Alrighty, thank you!

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Can we also speed up the replay of our flights like before?

Unfortunately, no. You will need to use another editor to do that after downloading the replay. You are able to skip 15 seconds backward or forward though. :)

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Yes but where is the button? idk how to replay the flight

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First you need to be on the updated version. You will see replays from your main menu.

You have to fly first for it to record a replay as pre 19.1 flights are not available.