How to make your wings flex like crazy

You want an approach with a lot of wingflex? That makes the plane look like it’s wings are gonna break off?
Use these settings:

And approach runway 6L at KLAX. Just recommended is to not make an manual approach. It’s not impossible but 99% you’re gonna fail.


Why not just shove everything to max?


That will make the landing next to impossible


Or you can go full throttle until you hit over 300 kts and move the plane nose up

Still, loads of flex. 😉

I did this once. Wow is all I could say.

I’m not entirely sure it’s just for 06L at KLAX. Plus what’s wrong with the regular wingflex anyway?

Ok I will try

I landed the plane safely. The people who put their seat belts on survived and are alive

the effect

I guess somewhat

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I’m definitely gonna use that settings and hope the wings finally breaks off lol.

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Climb to 10000feet…nose dive at 200feet AGL pull up! pull up!i just noticed we don’t have that warning¿oh!and don’t sink too

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Wing Flex Demo

Lol you’ll stall when you do that

Somehow I managed to land with max everything


You can’t think about the word “soft” in that landing
But at least the plane’s wings flex like SUPER DUPER GODLY CRAZY

If you want the winds to be even higher, set the gusts to 26 or something like that, but keep the winds at 49.

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Bro my gusts are 49 and I landed.
Gusts 26 is like…

But I think somehow if the gusts are half of the velocity, it will be windier than if everything in full. But that’s just from my experience, maybe it’s not right.

Well you’re not fit for it I’ve just done it several times…how will you stall in a nosedive?

Just because all the sliders are to the right doesn’t mean everything is maxed. Such as wind direction (just changes the direction instead of a more to less ratio) or visibility (where the extreme condition is to the far left).

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